In-Home Maternity and Newborn Photography in Hertfordshire

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My love for photography began to grow when my daughter was born nearly 7 years ago. I wanted to record ever little detail and freeze frame every moment so I would never forget what those beautiful hazy times felt like. I didn't want to miss a moment. At first it was all about my daughter and her tiny little features, but as time grew the importance of recording all the connections and love between our little family also became increasingly important to me. If you had told me back then that my life would completely change because of my love for capturing these beautiful everyday moments through photography I probably wouldn't have believed you.

But here I am nearly 7 years later coming up to a year since I started my photography business and now I get to help other wonderful families across Hertfordshire capture their beautiful memories. I feel so unbelievably lucky everyday that I get to do maternity, newborn and family photography as my job!

Through the endless photography courses that I have undertaken to learn and develop as an artist, I have come across so many inspiring and talented individuals, and earlier this month I was lucky enough to go and visit some of them up in Scotland. I met the lovely and very talented Shona Sanderson from Shona Sanderson Photography and naturally we took each other's photos while on the beach. So we got a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side of the lens for a change!

Scotland, as always, didn't disappoint and the weather pulled out all the skies and sunshine were provided all weekend. I was born in Scotland and spent lots of my childhood there so I always love to go back, hopefully it won't be too long before my next visit!

If you happen to be in Central Scotland and are looking for a photographer I can highly recommend getting in touch with Shona from Shona Sanderson Photography to update your family photos, or capture the wonderful maternity and newborn stages. Next time I head up to Scotland with my children in tow I will definitely be requesting some updated family photos.

Don't worry if you are not in Scotland you can still check out Shona's wonderful work on her Instagram grid.

Shona, from Shona Sanderson Photography