Newborn Photography Workshop

Thank you for taking part in Karen Le Leu's How to Capture Beautiful Images of your Newborn on your Mobile Workshop. I hope you enjoy learning how to capture better photographs of your new addition. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can drop me a message here.

Before you start

Preparation is Key


All you need is a bed and a window.  Ideally the bed will be close to the window to get lots of natural light, but don't worry if it's not.  Remove any unwanted distractions from the room beforehand, so they do not end up in the background of your photos.


Make sure you have plain bedding on your bed.  Light, natural tones are best.  Textured bedding is great too.  But avoid bright dark colours as they will create colour cast on baby's skin.


Choose a time of day where there is lots of natural light.  Around the middle of the day is usually best.  It is easier to get the detailed shots with a sleepy baby, so after a feed when they are going for a nap is the ideal time.


Choose a plain outfit avoiding distracting patterns.  Make sure baby's feet are out so you can get those beautiful detailed shots.  For more help and guidance on how to dress baby, check out my blog post here.


You do not need any elaborate or fancy props, just a blanket and maybe a soft toy.  Even better if they are sentimental items, such as a Granny made blanket.  Just make sure they are at hand before you start.

Positioning Baby

To start place baby on the bed so they are facing the window.  It doesn't matter if baby is not how you would naturally lie them on a bed, but their face must be towards the window.  This means their eyes, when awake, will catch the light and it also prevents their face from being in their own shadow.

In this image the window is directly behind me, baby is facing the light.

Once baby is in position you are all set to start taking your photos.

You are Ready to Take the Photos


Hold your camera directly above baby.  I'm sure it goes without saying, but be extremely careful to hold your phone carefully above baby, so as not to drop it when taking the photo.

Make sure you get all of baby in the shot.  The higher up you can hold your camera the smaller baby will look in the shot.  Perfect to remind you just how small they are.



Next, capture a close up of baby.  Still holding the phone directly above baby, just move closer to capture a closer crop.


Move to the side of baby.  Here you will want to crouch down so that the camera is level with your baby.  Be careful that you are not casting a shadow onto baby, as you will now be between baby and the window light.

Here you can move closer and further from baby to get the lovely close up shots, but also further away will show just how tiny your baby really is.



Grab your blanket.  Ideally your baby will be asleep, so you can always start with the blanket photos, but my lovely little model was wide awake for my whole visit.

Make sure to keep baby's arms out of the blanket.  Again you will take this photo directly from above and you can hold your camera high, to get a zoomed out shot and move closer for a more detailed shot.


The detailed shots.   For these shots it really is much easier if baby is asleep, as movement will make the shots blurry and not capture the beautiful details.  If you can, wait for nap time.

Here you will capture the beautiful little details of the feet, hands, eyelashes, lips.  These can be taken from above, or from the side, experiment with different angles and capture all the beautiful details.


So there you have to capture beautiful memories of your newborn at home!

But wait...I have left out the most important photo of all!

Most Importantly

Make sure you hand over your phone to someone else, or if no one else is about, set it up on a timer, and make sure you get in the frame with your little one.  

Ignore the thoughts of, I'll look better once I have lost the baby weight, I'll get in the frame when I have had my hair cut, I'll do it when I have make up on etc etc...

Remember these photos are not just for you, they are for your little me they will want to have photos with you in them to look back on in the years to come!