Let's meet Becca who is empowering Women in their Health and Wellness Journey

Celebrating the final Mum Run business this International Women's Day...

It has been such a pleasure to work with and find out more about the 4 incredible Mums who have taken part in my International Women's; Day project. Being a Mum is definitely not an easy job, and the Mum / work life balance is something every Mum has to contend with so a huge thank you to Becca, Amy, Victoria and Becca for sharing a little bit about their businesses and family life.

We are concluding with the wonderful Becca The Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach. I met Becca and her lovely daughter at her home to capture some beautiful memories for them and to find out all about Becca's business. Becca's business is in a transformational stage, formerly known as Little Wildflower Wellbeing, now The Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach, as she moves towards offering holistic care to women. Read on to find out more about Becca and her exciting new venture...

Meet Becca - Mum and The Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach

Introducing Becca, The Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach

Can you tell us a little about your business? 

My little business started when my little one was just over a year old and has evolved recently, which is so exciting. I support busy women to prioritise their health, balance their hormones, prevent burn out and thrive. 

I am a certified Women’s Health and Wellness Coach, with over 10 years’ experience as a registered nurse. I offer nurse-led health coaching, therapeutic treatments, and yoga, to help clients optimise their health and wellbeing. My programmes are bespoke to each client using a variety tools, techniques to build heathy sustainable change. This may be to support a client with the management of symptoms of a particular medical condition or improving their current and future health and well-being. My programmes explore the holistic/bigger picture of a client’s health and wellbeing, by delving into nutrition, hormones, medical conditions, habits, self-care, lifestyle and much more

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have been a registered nurse for over 10 years, and whilst I love being a nurse, you sadly don’t have the time and resources to support patients truly holistically with their health & wellness goals. My business allows me to use my clinical knowledge and coaching skills to support client to achieve their goals and see results. 

My business also allows me to spend quality time with my family and my little sass pants daughter. It gives you the flexibility to work around nursery pick up and family life which I love. 

What did you dream of doing when you were little?

I was often found doing dance shows to my teddy bears, so my dream as a little girl was to become a ballet dancer. 

Dancing is something I still love doing as a hobby, however, during my year 10 work experience I spent time in a school for children with additional needs. Then during my late teens, I worked in a care home for adults with physical and mental health needs and spent time in an orphanage in Romania. I knew from then I wanted to go into a career where I could care and help people. 

What piece of advice do you want your daughter to have when thinking about her career?

To do what she loves, there’s no boundaries, if she puts her mind to anything she can succeed and achieve it. And I will be there as her biggest cheerleader and support. Life is too short to ever settle into a career you don’t enjoy.

What advice would you give a new Mum wanting to start their own business?

Plan, plan and plan and never give up on a bad day. Something amazing can come from a little idea when you are passionate about it. It can be quite lonely owning your own business, so ensure you surround yourself with the right people.

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